Karen O’Neil Award

It is with great honor that I announce the recipient of the 2016 New Hampshire Emergency Nurse of the Year award.  Congratulations to Kayleigh!  Please read about all of her great accomplishments as described by Sue Barnard who submitted the nomination.

Emergency nurses are a pretty special breed so finding one that rises above the others can be a difficult task. The criteria for this award are very comprehensive and encompass many characteristics and strengths, making it difficult to find someone that fits all. Kayleigh Farrell, Emergency Nurse and Trauma Program Coordinator from St Joseph Hospital fits into these categories with a style all her own. 

Before Kayleigh took over the Trauma Program Coordinator position she was deeply passionate and engaged in the field of trauma. She became part of our Trauma Care Committee, representing the ED nursing staff. She did trauma education in the emergency department (ED) and served as a mentor and resource for new staff and those not very comfortable with trauma care. She sought out both trauma and stroke educational opportunities, but particularly gravitated to trauma related topics. Kayleigh served as an exemplary role model in our Trauma Team Activations. When the Trauma Program Coordinator position became available, Kayleigh promptly applied and was far above all candidates in her passion, preparation, vision and qualifications in filling this position in an amazing way.

Kayleigh now works part of her time as the Trauma Program Coordinator, in which she is doing an amazing job, and part time as an ED RN. She balances both beautifully and continuing to be a staff member has allowed her to continue to be a role model and mentor to young and inexperienced ED RNS and a great leader for the ED as a whole. She is able to be present in real time for patient care and able to do education "in the moment". She is so well respected for her positive attitude, willingness to help in any situation, leadership abilities and confidence in providing evidence-based care because she is doing the research and reading the literature as part of her leadership role. 

Kayleigh strives for excellence and expects this in others. She is willing to stand side by side to help others get to that area of great care. She is highly motivated in her new role, in her ED RN role, in her pursuit of her Master’s degree and in her volunteering roles, most recently as Asst. Lacrosse Coach at St Anselm College. She has become an active member of the NH Trauma Medical Review Committee and has been wholeheartedly engaged in this committee from day one. She will soon be participating in the trauma center review process as an observer initially, and then as a nurse reviewer. She is TNCC certified and has looked into becoming an instructor. She is speaking about trauma in symposiums geared toward ED nurses and EMS. And most importantly, Kayleigh has become our ED nurse champion for Injury Prevention and has been working with me in educating the staff on our ENA "Just Pick One" tool. She has taken this on without me asking and has run with it!! 

Kayleigh has been a rock in our ED. She is steady, confident, giving and a great clinician as well as educator. Best patient care is her motivation and drives her in all she does. She is so well deserving of this award!!

Thank you,

Sue Barnard MS, APRN, CCRN Stroke Program Coordinator, St Joseph Hospital